Who Wants Pancakes? a podcast about dads

Dads don’t always know what to say, but that shouldn’t stop us from talking. Who Wants Pancakes? is a podcast about dads, made for everyone. Our first season of 10 episodes features open discussions with different dads, talking about the experiences they’ve had and the lessons they’re learning, as life keeps coming. If you are a dad, have a dad, love a dad, or miss a dad, you might enjoy listening.
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Who Wants Pancakes? a podcast about dads

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Nov 21, 2016

I Don't Care About Your Kids. Ryan’s son is just 10 months old, so his story is mostly about becoming a dad: deciding when it’s okay to even want a baby, paying for in-vitro fertilization, and all the drama and splendor of a premature, C-section birth.

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